Office Visits

Office Visits

New patient information

As a new client you will be scheduled for a 90 minute consultation. The cost is $150.00. You can download forms from my website or I can mail them to you. I will send you a box of PH strips to chart your daily Urine and Saliva PH for 6 days. You will also chart food diary for 6 days. A fee of $17.00 covers PH strips and postage. This will be collected at time we make your appointment.

What to expect

The first visit is a detailed assessment looking into current symptoms, past medical history and your personal goals for nutritional recommendations.

What to bring to your Appointment

Bring all your intake forms you filled out from website completed.
Bring all your current medical reports and blood work (within 1 year)
Bring all medications and supplements that you are currently taking. Not a list. We will then review together.

Cancellations and missed appointments

A 24 hour cancellation is greatly appreciated. I know emergencies happen and will take into consideration. Because I set aside 90 minutes for your appointment, A missed initial appointment charge will be $150.00. A missed follow up will be $80.00

Follow up appointments

If you choose to work with me on improving your health, there will be follow up visits. They will be 60 minute visits. Cost is $80.00. Because we are all so individual with our health, follow up visits can occur every 2 months until you get to your desired health and vitality.