Chinese Face, Tongue & Nail Analysis

Chinese Face, Tongue & Nail Analysis


The method of tongue diagnosis can be described as one of the Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic techniques in relation to long term disease prevention and good health. The Chinese have used this method for thousands of years. The appearance of the tongue can guide valuable information concerning organ function. The fingernails and nailbed can show characteristics that correspond to organs and their functions as well as bodily health. The physical appearance of nail markings allows us to see the condition of the body with these characteristics.




Did you know your nails can say a lot about your health? They can reveal clues about how healthy you are. the nails shape ,texture ,and color says a lot about your overall health. It is so important to recognize the signs of healthy nails as well as abnormalities that could indicate a health problem.

Chinese Medicine Nails HandsSigns of normal nails are:

  1. Uniform in color
  2. Smooth with no grooves or pits
  3. Attached to the skin
  4. White lunuls (little Moon) just above the cuticle

Signs of abnormal nails:

  1. Discoloration
  2. Spots
  3. Separation of nail from skin
  4. Thinning or thickening
  5. Oddly-shaped

Some of the reasons for abnormalities range from malabsorption , rheumatoid arthritis , anemia, diabetes, heart disease, melanoma, and hypo or hyperthyroidism to name a few. our nails can change approximately 2 to 4 months depending on how fast your nails grow. If you still continue to see consistency after 4 months of nail abnormalities you should seek medical attention as to why these abnormalities are showing.


Mien shiang, which originated almost 3,000 years ago in China. It was a healing Medical Arts carried out by the t a o i s t monks. Modern-day practitioners of TCM still use face reading as a modality to help find minor health issues that can show up. This tool makes it helpful in preventing further illness.

Based on the fundamentals of Chinese face reading, various areas of your face mirror the health status of different organ systems. For example, your cheeks are correlated to your lungs, your eyebrows to your liver, and your lips with your digestive organs.

There are even five elements that traditional Chinese medicine use to help with determining other health factors. These five types are wood, fire, earth, water and metal. Not only do these five Elemental types correlate to organs, but emotions as well. Your face can tell you so much about your own health. For example, a greenish facial color indicates low liver function, reddish hue shows potential high blood pressure or cardiovascular, a darker facial color or dark eyes means a decreased kidney function and a pale-face can show poor lung capacity.

Our bodies are amazing and will heal with the proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. Our cells can regenerate very quickly to allow healing to the body. Are emotional health can really balance out our health and transform us as well. Here are some examples of what your face might be telling you.

  1. Crow’s feet around the eyes can mean and acidic and imbalanced system and possibly too much stress on your adrenals.
  2. Number two. A vertical line between the eyebrows. This relates to a congested liver holding in toxins and unhealthy emotions in TCM if emotions are not getting release in a healthy way they can be trapped in parts of the body and lead to dis ease in various organs. Three. Red nose or line through the nose. The tip of your nose is connected to your heart, and redness can be a marking that possibly indicates heart problems.
  3. The upper lip colon changes to your upper lip can occur as a woman goes through post menopause, perimenopause or any hormonal or fertility problems. Cheeks colon your cheeks are associated with your lungs and changes in the appearance or texture of the hollows of your cheeks May indicate a lack of oxygen these are just some examples of face reading.