Shelly McCauley, CNHP

Certified Master Herbalist, Iridologist and Nutritional Consultant

Like many of my clients, my path to natural health began as a result of experiencing my own health issues. I had a variety of health concerns during my life, including frequent sinus infections, upper respiratory problems (allergies and asthma) and endometriosis, all of which made me feel tired, irritable and frustrated.

Shelly McCauley, CNHP

I decided to take control of my situation by meeting with a Certified Master Herbalist to gain an understanding of my nutritional needs in order to improve my health. As a result, I started taking natural herbs and nutrients and was surprised at how much better my body felt. Once I became knowledgeable of my body’s nutritional needs, I was able to make lifestyle changes to maintain good health.

This new passion led me to pursue professional education and training in order to help others with their own nutritional needs. Essentially You, Inc. was formed to educate and assist clients with their personal nutritional needs to enhance their health and well-being.

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Educational Credentials:
Certified Master Herbalist, Natural Solutions Training Institute, 2000
Certified Master Herbalist, Colorado School of Paramedical Esthetics, 2009
Nutritional Consultant, College of International Esthetics, 2010