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Welcome to Essentials For Wellness Now

I’m Shelly McCauley and I want to welcome you to Essentials for Wellness Now!

Are you curious about how your body can heal through a diet of whole plant nutrition and herbs? Do you suffer from common complaints such as constipation, gas ,bloating ,diarrhea, candida, mood swings, insomnia, joint pain, endometriosis, low or high blood sugars, asthma, low energy, or allergies? As a Master Herbalist, Iridologist, and Nutritional Consultant, I have learned that when we feed the body what it is lacking to rebuild and recover, the body will respond with positive changes. This change can also lead to having more vitality and energy.

I personally experienced this change in my own health . Toxicity builds in our bodies when we don’t have healthy water, air, and nutritional food. Keeping our bodily systems running smoothly requires cleaning up our toxic diet and lifestyles.

Cleansing and herbal remedies have historically been used to build a healthier internal environment, referred to as PH balance. Whether your PH balance tends toward being more acidic or alkaline, it’s important to understand it and know what’s causing any imbalance.

Every person is unique and has individual health needs. Getting the proper nutrition to achieve optimum health is essential. I can help you better understand your nutritional health and ways to improve it.

Contact me to set up an appointment to discuss your health. The consultation consists of an Iridology analysis, examination of your tongue and nails, review of your PH test results, a biofeedback analysis and a discussion of your health concerns based on your intake forms. The initial consultation typically lasts about 90 minutes.

If you are unable to visit my office for a personal consultation, a virtual Clinic consultation is possible by using the Zyto elite pro 5.0. Visit to learn more about the elite pro 5.0 it is an amazing wellness and decision support software.



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